What You Should Know About Your Retirement

Little by little in the media it is more frequent to see and hear advertisements in which we are encouraged to save for retirement (than the “ten pesitos a day”), but the afores, besides not being enough, are not the only instrument In order to reach a dignified old age, and the more and better diversified we are for our retirement, the better. Now that your life is resolved you can go to spend your days in a senior care Tijuana Mexico to spend all your days resting and living with people with many stories like you and all employees to help you in whatever it is like good friendseva

There is a quite alarming figure that every year is getting closer and is that of every 100 professionals, when they reach 65, 24 have already died, 26 live with 12,000 pesos a month, 48 survive with 4,800 pesos a month and only 2 professionals achieve economic independence.

And this is not to be taken lightly. Millennials are living the boom of consumerism and we allocate our income to things that give us immediate satisfaction or that can place us in the social circle we want, not mind sacrificing almost all the salary in it and neglecting an issue as important as retirement .

There is a misinformation about life insurance, and that is that few Mexicans know that many of these have the mode of saving in the medium and long term and also protect us from an accident for which we can not return to working life. With these tools we can prepare from today for the dreamed retreat that we all want to have and, in passing, protect our loved ones against any eventuality.

And speaking of the retirement, there are insurances that are made specifically so that we can reach this goal. Have you ever thought about how much money you need to save to have a retirement? It is not that difficult to know, you just have to think about how much you would like to have a month, that you multiply it by 12 to make the year, and the result you multiply it by the years that you think you can live. Surely you got a huge amount, the good news is that you’re still in time to do something about it.

In addition, saving through retirement insurance has the same benefits as a life insurance, it will guarantee us to reach the sum we want, it will protect our assets and if you are a mother, you can be sure that your family will not be forced to change their lifestyle for your absence. Additionally, it will protect you from any accident that prevents you from returning to your working life, including some insurers that give extra protection and give financial support for diseases of women, which is not to be outdone. All this so that we can reach the goal of retirement.

Crea Un Líder Desde Los Primeros Meses De Vida

Las habilidades sociales que se desarrollan durante la primera infancia son clave para forjar las actitudes de liderazgo de un niño. Los primeros años de vida de un niño son en los que más incrementa su imaginación y creatividad, como padre no hay una mejor manera de hacer crecer sus habilidades y eso se hace desde casa, una casa que fomente sus talentos, como por ejemplo una hecha de Contenedores Mas.

Los estudios neurológicos revelan que, desde los primeros meses de vida, el cerebro tiene una mayor capacidad para reorganizar y modificar las funciones, por lo que es la edad ideal para la formación de hábitos.

Tener un ambiente estructurado con disciplina sana, amor y seguridad es vital para el desarrollo de la personalidad del niño.

La independencia y la seguridad van de la mano para crear una autoestima saludable y estable: reforzar la confianza en sí mismo y mejorar sus debilidades lo convertirá en un líder.

Aquí hay algunos consejos para desarrollar las habilidades sociales de su hijo en la escuela:

1.- La primera necesidad del ser humano es su sentido de pertenencia. Vivir con más niños permitirá que su hijo forme parte de una comunidad.

2.- Los primeros hábitos están relacionados con necesidades básicas como almorzar y horarios de sueño. Estas son las bases de la disciplina.

3. Una educación basada en valores es fundamental durante los primeros años de vida. Así, el niño aprenderá a modular su comportamiento para respetar a sus compañeros.

4.- El hecho de pertenecer a un grupo, donde se comparten hábitos y valores, hará que el niño se sienta identificado con el resto de los miembros.

5.- Relacionarse con niños de la misma edad lo ayudará a desarrollar su sentido de empatía. Lo que contribuirá a mejores tratos sociales en tu futuro.

6.- Desde los primeros juegos de grupo, los niños aprenderán a respetar las reglas del bien común.

7.- El niño formará una imagen de sí mismo a través del reflejo de sus compañeros. Esto beneficiará su autoestima.

8.- Las actividades juntas permitirán al niño conocer los roles y funciones para lograr objetivos comunes.

9.- Cuando los niños trabajan en equipo, adquieren un comportamiento activo. Pueden mostrar apoyo e incluso defender a su grupo ante el resto de la comunidad.

Decorate Your House Safely

Most of the recommendations on safety in homes and workplaces have to do with the structures and evacuation routes, but rarely do we hear advice on decoration inside the spaces, despite the fact that many accidents occur due to falling objects. or hinder free transit. But before thinking about furnishing your house, remember that you must first have a house, if you are still looking for them, there are good options of house for rent in Rosarito with Baja Rosarito Realty.

Here we will analyze several suggestions so that our homes or places of work are safer inside.

Free spaces and corridors

The decoration of the interiors must take into account the evacuation route in case of a fire, an earthquake or even an alert to evacuate. You have to trace the route to the exit very well and facilitate access to it. The corridors have to be free, and if you manage to leave about 90 centimeters wide so that several people can pass, the better. The order is very important: there can not be things thrown in the corridors. And you should avoid decorating near the exits with furniture that may hinder or something that will fall and hurt.

Decorate with the necessary

Mexican homes are not saturated, but what follows! And it is one of the main problems that must be solved with decoration. You have to try not to live saturated. And not only for safety at the time of running, but for the energy and personal vibes. Living in a neater and tidier space is better, you can have a clean space with functional furniture, but then there is the pot, the decorations of the first communion, the photos and suddenly you are surrounded and can not pass. Detach a little of the material is another lesson we can take of what happened.

Fix everything to the wall

There are decorating styles that look great, but they do not work in places prone to earthquakes, so it’s better to change them. Now it is fashionable to recharge large mirrors against the wall or even bookshelves, but they are the first to fall if it trembles. It is not about ceasing to have the decorative elements that we like, but about being more cautious. Fixing them to the wall is a must!

Have anti-slip mats that do not interfere with the movement of people; avoid putting shelves or pictures over babies’ cribs; and avoid the unevenness in the interiors. Unfortunately we have to have a more pessimistic view of things and think that we will break what we have. There had not been a conscientious reflection on security when decorating interiors.

Things You Have To Thank Your Grandmother

Have you thanked your grandmother for all she has done for you? He has been in your life from the beginning and has given you his love all your life. From kissing on your cheeks, to NEVER forgetting your birthday, regardless of the date, the day or the occasion. The best way to let your grandmother know that you love and appreciate her is to take her to the dentist and put dentures in Tijuana with Sanoviv Dental.

It always feeds you: It does not matter if you’ve been to visit her for a couple of hours or to stay with her over the weekend, you always end up with a full stomach. Sometimes it will even give you food to take away … and it’s always delicious.
She’s one of the nicest people you’ve ever met: Have you ever thought you’d like to be like her? That’s because, despite his bad character (which he sometimes has), he has a heart of gold and is always there for you.
He knows how to listen: We know that grannies know how to talk and talk and talk and talk, but they also know how to listen. And in fact, he will not only listen to you, but he will give you all the attention of the world.
It’s your number 1 fan: No one will make you feel as special or loved as your grandmother. And, in addition to asking God for you every day, always think of yourself and how you could become the best you can be.
All their stories are incredible: You can sit down and listen to all their stories for HOURS. He has lived such a long and interesting life, which has a great variety of stories, both dramatic, terror and suspense, as well as laughter and history.
Never forget your birthday: You can not even remember your phone number, but your grandmother will NEVER forget your birthday. And besides that, even if you do not have enough money, you will always see the way to give you a detail.
Always give good advice: Whether you’re pregnant because you’re done with your boyfriend, or you’ve lost your life savings, your grandmother will be there to give you the best life lessons and advice, you’ll never forget. She is one of the wisest people you will meet in your life, so take advantage of her!
Amazing cuisine: Your grandmother makes the best polvorones in the world, the best noodle soup … and the best spaghetti in history. Basically, anything you cook is excellent, so never waste any time you go to see it.
She is the strongest woman you will meet: Your grandmother is intelligent, reliable, honest, fair and kind. For these reasons, she is the strongest woman you will meet in life. And yes, it is understandable that you want to be like her someday.

Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

As a parent you have to identify the reason why you are bullying your child and try to solve the second problem, for example, if you have ugly teeth you can take it with your Dental 6ta & E dentist or if you have weight problems, you can take it with a nutritionist and the gym, or if you have acne problems take it with a dermatologist.

1. Keep the computer in a common area of ??the house. Do not allow it in your children’s rooms. Control its use online.

2. Learn how various social networking websites work. Familiarize yourself with Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Ask your children if they will show you their profile pages.

3. Talk regularly and specifically with your children about online problems. Let them know they can go for help if something is inappropriate, annoying or dangerous.

4. Create trust with your children. Set time limits, explain your reasons and discuss the rules for online security and Internet use. Ask your children to help establish the rules; then they will be more inclined to follow them.

5. Tell your children not to respond to any cyberbullying threat or comment online. However, do not delete any of the messages. Instead, print all messages, including e-mail addresses or screen names on the cyberbully. You will need the messages to verify and demonstrate that cyberbullying exists.

6. Do not overreact by blaming your children. If you are being bullied, be supportive and understanding. Find out how long the bullying has been happening and make sure they will work together to find a solution. Let your children know that they are not to blame for being bullied.

7. Do not react negatively by telling your children to “shrug” or just be intimidated. The emotional pain of being bullied is very real and can have lasting effects. Do not make fun of them or respond with an attitude of “children will be children”.

8. Do not threaten to take away your children’s computers if they come to you with a problem. This only forces children to be more reserved.

9. Talk to your school counselors so they can be alert to bullying during the school day.

10. If there are threats of physical violence or intimidation continues to increase, involve the authorities.

More safety tips for parents, children and schools

1. Do not respond to any text message or online sent by cybercriminals.

2. Do not be an accomplice by forwarding any of the messages to other children.

3. Save and print all messages as proof and evidence of cyberbullying.

4. If you are being bullied, tell an adult immediately to help you solve the problem.


1. Adopt a zero tolerance policy for all types of bullying. Make it clear that any intimidation, harassment or threatening behavior will be dealt with quickly and seriously.

2. School districts must have antibullying policies in place and all school administrators, parents of teachers and students must know the policies at the beginning of each school year.

3. Incorporate Internet Safety Awareness classes into the curriculum.

4. Involve students, parents and teachers in discussions about bullying prevention. Have student councils or student panels address the problem with peers at school-wide assemblies, parent meetings, and other school-wide events. Involve everyone!

Being a mother and your mental health.

As women, we care a lot about our appearance, that is why they invest so much in dentists in Mexico which is not only aesthetic but part of a good routine for health. However, for all mothers to be at bay with the personal task of caring for their mental health, here are some key points to achieve:

Recognize that mental health matters as much as physical health. This means that mental and physical health care must be the same. When we do not dedicate time to take care of mental health, we can fall into a situation of depression, stress and harmful ideas that we must learn to avoid. You can not care for others if you are not taking care of yourself, and when you are healthier and happier, it is when your children receive ‘the best absolute version’ of that mother who loves and cares for them.

Stay active Being active is the best way to take care of physical, mental and emotional health. It is essential to do at least 30 minutes of daily physical exercise, listen to music, take care of the garden, go out with family and friends, read, meditate. Participate in activities that provide our mind with moments of distraction and tranquility.

Sleep well. Sleeping the recommended hours without interruption is necessary to have good mental health. Good sleep is a necessity for physical, psychological and emotional well-being. People who sleep little have more symptoms of depression, stress, low self-esteem, and anxiety. Besides, fatigue contributes to the lack of concentration, our energy and our desire to socialize.

Develop resilience capacity Studies have shown that people who have developed resilience can healthily cope with stress. “Resilience is something that we can all learn and develop through the adaptation of a series of behaviors and ways of thinking that are achieved through the practice of certain strategies, which include: having a positive vision of oneself, accepting change and keep all things in perspective, “says Dr. Sandoval.

Be realistic. In their role as mothers, most women always try to “be perfect” and in the struggle to achieve this ideal can fall into mental and physical exhaustion that will affect their mental and physical health. “To be realistic, moms should do what they can and when they need help they should not fear or feel bad about asking for it,” stresses the expert in psychiatry.

Be optimistic. Pessimism and negativity impede personal improvement. By maintaining a positive attitude towards life, we can overcome adversity.

Express feelings appropriately. When feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety are causing problems, do not keep them. You should seek the ear and support of a close person of high confidence and, if you do not have one, you should find help with a mental health specialist.