Being a mother and your mental health.

As women, we care a lot about our appearance, that is why they invest so much in dentists in Mexico which is not only aesthetic but part of a good routine for health. However, for all mothers to be at bay with the personal task of caring for their mental health, here are some key points to achieve:

Recognize that mental health matters as much as physical health. This means that mental and physical health care must be the same. When we do not dedicate time to take care of mental health, we can fall into a situation of depression, stress and harmful ideas that we must learn to avoid. You can not care for others if you are not taking care of yourself, and when you are healthier and happier, it is when your children receive ‘the best absolute version’ of that mother who loves and cares for them.

Stay active Being active is the best way to take care of physical, mental and emotional health. It is essential to do at least 30 minutes of daily physical exercise, listen to music, take care of the garden, go out with family and friends, read, meditate. Participate in activities that provide our mind with moments of distraction and tranquility.

Sleep well. Sleeping the recommended hours without interruption is necessary to have good mental health. Good sleep is a necessity for physical, psychological and emotional well-being. People who sleep little have more symptoms of depression, stress, low self-esteem, and anxiety. Besides, fatigue contributes to the lack of concentration, our energy and our desire to socialize.

Develop resilience capacity Studies have shown that people who have developed resilience can healthily cope with stress. “Resilience is something that we can all learn and develop through the adaptation of a series of behaviors and ways of thinking that are achieved through the practice of certain strategies, which include: having a positive vision of oneself, accepting change and keep all things in perspective, “says Dr. Sandoval.

Be realistic. In their role as mothers, most women always try to “be perfect” and in the struggle to achieve this ideal can fall into mental and physical exhaustion that will affect their mental and physical health. “To be realistic, moms should do what they can and when they need help they should not fear or feel bad about asking for it,” stresses the expert in psychiatry.

Be optimistic. Pessimism and negativity impede personal improvement. By maintaining a positive attitude towards life, we can overcome adversity.

Express feelings appropriately. When feelings of stress, sadness or anxiety are causing problems, do not keep them. You should seek the ear and support of a close person of high confidence and, if you do not have one, you should find help with a mental health specialist.