Decorate Your House Safely

Most of the recommendations on safety in homes and workplaces have to do with the structures and evacuation routes, but rarely do we hear advice on decoration inside the spaces, despite the fact that many accidents occur due to falling objects. or hinder free transit. But before thinking about furnishing your house, remember that you must first have a house, if you are still looking for them, there are good options of house for rent in Rosarito with Baja Rosarito Realty.

Here we will analyze several suggestions so that our homes or places of work are safer inside.

Free spaces and corridors

The decoration of the interiors must take into account the evacuation route in case of a fire, an earthquake or even an alert to evacuate. You have to trace the route to the exit very well and facilitate access to it. The corridors have to be free, and if you manage to leave about 90 centimeters wide so that several people can pass, the better. The order is very important: there can not be things thrown in the corridors. And you should avoid decorating near the exits with furniture that may hinder or something that will fall and hurt.

Decorate with the necessary

Mexican homes are not saturated, but what follows! And it is one of the main problems that must be solved with decoration. You have to try not to live saturated. And not only for safety at the time of running, but for the energy and personal vibes. Living in a neater and tidier space is better, you can have a clean space with functional furniture, but then there is the pot, the decorations of the first communion, the photos and suddenly you are surrounded and can not pass. Detach a little of the material is another lesson we can take of what happened.

Fix everything to the wall

There are decorating styles that look great, but they do not work in places prone to earthquakes, so it’s better to change them. Now it is fashionable to recharge large mirrors against the wall or even bookshelves, but they are the first to fall if it trembles. It is not about ceasing to have the decorative elements that we like, but about being more cautious. Fixing them to the wall is a must!

Have anti-slip mats that do not interfere with the movement of people; avoid putting shelves or pictures over babies’ cribs; and avoid the unevenness in the interiors. Unfortunately we have to have a more pessimistic view of things and think that we will break what we have. There had not been a conscientious reflection on security when decorating interiors.