Guide on how to be a good father

Knowing how to be a good parent and how to educate children requires learning: from learning to play with children or sharing hobbies, to knowing how to talk to them and listen to their emotions. Look at these tips to build a closer relationship.

Knowing how to be a good father is to have principles that encourage closeness and help build a loving relationship. Here I share some points that I consider important on how to educate the children to build an affective and effective relationship that transcends time.

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Encourage dialogue
No matter how tired a father returns from work or a business trip, he can always spend a few minutes listening to his son and asking him how he did at school, what he learned and how he relates to his teachers and friends.

Knowing your concerns, emotions and desires will allow you to get closer to your child and instill values ??such as trust and family communication.

Read a story by your side
Having a father tell his favorite story to his children every night before going to sleep will allow a close emotional bond to be generated while the child develops his imagination and language. A hug and a kiss will be the perfect brooch for you to have sweet dreams and feel closer than ever to your dad.

Playing with children
How to be a good father means sharing moments of leisure and fun. Puzzles, hiding places, football or chess, etc. The list is infinite.

Investing every day a time not to think about anything other than having fun together and getting to know each other better is priceless. These instants will become the most important memories of tomorrow, as they will bring teachings that will last forever.

Share hobbies
From practicing a sport that fascinates you to playing the same instrument, there are many ways to find something in common and take it as the best excuse to exchange points of view and learn from each other.

Spend time together on weekends
If during the week, the working day prevents many parents from dedicating time to their children, it is possible to compensate during the rest days. Strolling in the park, enjoying an ice cream, watching a movie, going to the grandparents’ house or doing homework together are activities that will allow them to connect and create an authentic bond.

Although it is true that everyone must discover how to be a good father and educate their children, love, dedication and patience are always the basic ingredients to be a quality dad and successfully fulfill this important family role.

It is worth sharing these tips with all the dads, and also the moms, that you know so that they exchange the essential values ??that a good father must have.