How to prevent accidents in the home

Falls, poisonings, burns, fires, electrocutions, asphyxiation, blows, wounds … Your home can become the worst of your nightmares. The groups with more risk of accidents: housewives, children and adults. The latter must take special care to avoid falls. The Guide to the Prevention of Accidents in Older Persons, advises in detail how you should adapt the home to ensure the well-being of retirees. You have to know that having accidents at home can go very expensive, there are types of falls that even take you with your Tijuana dentist.

Because all the stays can be dangerous. We give you some recommendations with which you reduce the risks in the different areas of the house.


Install a smoke and gas detector to avoid a fire, for example, caused by forgetting a pot in the fire.
Equip this space with a fire extinguisher.
Remove the handles of the frying pans inside so as not to trip over them, and take care that they do not get hot so that when they are picked up they will not cause a burn.
If possible, use a ceramic or induction hob instead of a gas hob.
If you are cooking and the pan catches fire, put a lid on top to drown the flame.
If you perceive the smell of gas, do not act electrical switches or ignite matches or lighters: the spark would cause a large explosion, ventilate the room first.

Install support bars and non-slip strips in showers and bathtubs.
Do not use electrical appliances while you are in the shower or taking a bath.
Keep medications in the original containers.
Opt for shower doors instead of curtains to prevent falls.
Put anti-slip carpets.
Place a first aid kit, always at a height inaccessible for the little ones.
Living room

Keep the floor free of cables, boxes and other objects that you might trip over.
Carpets with anti-slip system.
Make sure the TV is properly anchored to the wall in a special support for it.
Heaters or stoves, away from walls, curtains and furniture.

Install a smoke detector (and also in the corridors).
Install security elements so that the little ones can not open the windows.
It indicates the glass doors in one piece, so that their presence is noticed.
Do not stay in rooms treated with insecticides until a reasonable time has elapsed.
Do not use stoves or braziers in the bedrooms.

It must be a clear space, not a storage room. Use shelves, cabinets and other accessories to anchor things on the wall.
Never leave a car on in a garage. Carbon monoxide poisoning can leak into the home.
In the garden and pool

Install a fence around the pool.
Light the barbecue always away from the house, trees, bushes or some wood.
When using chemical products for swimming pools or pesticides, wear gloves and mask. And never do it in the presence of children or pets.
If an accident happens, try to remain calm and act quickly to reduce the consequences. If you need help, ask a neighbor, go to a health center or, if you see it is serious, call 112.