How to teach a child to dress alone

Be careful, this practice of selecting your child’s clothes will end someday, if your child is about to graduate it is time to give her the independence she deserves and choose her prom dresses in San Antonio.

One of the great challenges of our children is learning to dress themselves. Most do not usually advance because when they have a problem with a shoe or jersey we intercede quickly to help them. Do we have to help them when we see that they do not? Sometimes we find it difficult to let them dress themselves when we see that they are overwhelmed.

Dressing alone is another step in the maturity of the children that everyone has to reach. A challenge for their motor and cognitive skills that we have to be clear that they will not get to the first. The first few times they will not do it well but little by little they will achieve it. You will have to arm yourself with patience in the mornings until they get it.

The autonomy of our children
An autonomous child is one who is capable of performing those tasks and activities of children of his or her age and socio-cultural environment. From 3 to 5 years old most children start to dress and undress themselves. The development of personal autonomy is a priority objective in the education of our children. Children with few habits of autonomy, usually have problems of learning and relationship with others.

If our child is not self-sufficient, he will need ongoing help for tasks such as undressing, dressing or eating alone. Trying to make each day less dependent is our mission. Little by little they have to be able to put on all kinds of garments such as pants, socks, coats, shoes, zippers or buttons. They also have to keep them in the right place in the room and be able to choose their own clothes.

1. Leave enough time
If your children do not get dressed in the first hour of the morning and everything is fights and haste, it is clear that you have not left them enough time. Parents get nervous and end up dressing our children. We have to take into account that it is harder for them to put on lower garments than for higher garments. A good idea is to start learning on the weekend or on vacation and leave them enough time. Practicing when going to class will be complicated at first.

2. Do not hurry them
Each child is different and do not worry if your brother was already dressed with 4 years and he with 5 still does not put on his socks. Some need more time to mature and be more autonomous. All children learn sooner or later to dress themselves. We have to have patience and practice more on weekends. We can start by encouraging them to put on their socks every morning. When our son achieves it, we can move on to the next garment such as the shirt.

3. Fosters your creativity
On weekends we can let our children choose their own clothes with freedom. Let them be creative! Do not interrupt them even if they put on their shirts backwards or do not manage to button their shirts. They will have fun and they will learn how to dress with different clothes.

4. Brand rewards
Dressing alone is complicated for most children. That’s why a good idea is to give them some reward. We can make a picture with the days of the week and mark with an “x” the days that have managed to dress themselves and if they achieve a minimum of 5 they will have a star and a small reward.