Less Than A Lady

Coming December 28th, 2015 from Entangled Publishing, LESS THAN A LADY

LTaLTo win a lord, you can’t be a lady…

Darcy Blake, Earl of Chase, is a solider, rogue, and a loyal king's man. Commanded to spy on the luscious actress Amelia Fox, Darcy must pretend to be her student for a Court theatrical. He is certain he can school her in the art of seduction while discovering if she is a traitor. To his shock, he finds Mrs. Fox teaching him an entirely different kind of lesson.

As London's most popular actress, Amelia is famous at Court, and she doesn't have a husband to tell her what do. Unfortunately, the king has ordered her to train the rakehell Lord Chase to act. Before long, the earl is driving her wild with desire and awakening her heart to love. As an actress, society dictates she can never be more than Lord Chase's mistress, but Amelia has vowed never to be less than a lady.

When Darcy learns the witty actress is indeed linked to a traitor, he'll have to decide if love or loyalty to the king will rule the day.

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